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Welcome to the Business Services division. Chris Carson is the Assistant Superintendent, Business Services. He is responsible for managing assigned operations in accordance with school policies; providing information to the Board, Superintendent, staff and public; ensuring compliance to established policies, procedures and/or codes; overseeing various departments including Fiscal Services, Child Nutrition, Facilities and Maintenance, Purchasing and Warehousing; and addressing a variety of administrative needs and processes.
Our Staff:
Christopher Carson, Assistant Superintendent - Business Services(619) 336-7717 ()
Erina Cowart, Director of Finance(619) 336-7714 ()
Virginia Fogerson, Accounting Technician - Accounts Payable(619) 336-7716 ()
Michael Guerrero, Financial Accountant(619) 336-7713 ()
Charleen Mancilla, Payroll/Benefits Specialist - Certificated(619) 336-7724 ()