For Teachers & Principals

School Board Policies

National School District has several governing board policies that address nutrition policies, cafeteria policies, foods in the classroom, sale of food to students, and food safety. Please refer to your Principal's Handbook (provided by the district) and the Child Nutrition Services Policy and Procedure Manual (in blue colored binder provided by Child Nutrition Services) for specific policies and procedures.

Snacks for Testing

Individually wrapped snacks are available for students during standardized testing.  Please contact Child Nutrition Services for prices and to provide counts at least one month prior to the start of testing so that product may be ordered.

Sack Lunches

For walking or non-bus related field trips complete the Sack Lunch Request Form.

Remember to give your site Child Nutrition Services Manager a minimum of ten school days notice on any field trip you are taking, so that your lunches will be ready and waiting for you!


For the safety of your students, please keep the following tips in mind when on a field trip:

Some foods need to stay cold to keep bacteria from multiplying and making students sick. To ensure our students, safety, sack lunches are sent in insulated coolers. These foods include:
  • Meat and poultry sandwiches or salads
  • Milk, cheese (except cheese that is individually packaged such as the individual portions of American cheese or string cheese) or yogurt
  • Opened cans of fruits or puddings
These foods are generally safe at room temperature and don't need to be kept cold:
  • Cookies
  • Crackers
  • Commercially dried fruits
  • Unopened cans of fruits or puddings
  • Unopened juice boxes
  • Fruit-filled pastries

Picking Up Lunches Option 1, No Roster: Students come through the line, pickup their sack lunch and enter their ID number prior to leaving for the field trip.

Picking Up Lunches Option 2, Roster: The person responsible for the field trip must complete and sign a roster the day of the event. The completed roster must be provided to the Site Manager at the time meals are picked up. The person in charge of the field trip is responsible for insuring that each child receives the full lunch including milk. *Complete roster(s) by marking only the students that will be having a meal. If a student is not listed write their whole name on the bottom of the roster.