Olivewood Owls Student Council

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Mrs. Rosa Lopez, School Counselor
Mrs. Jelen Rodecker, Language Arts Specialist (4th-6th)
Elections Advisor:
Mrs. Linda Bouchard, Kindergarten

Our 2008-2009 Olivewood Student Council Officers are:

President: Fernando Tello
Vice-President: Isaiah Chavez
Treasurer: Crystal Munoz
Secretary: Veronica Palos (moved midsemester)
Acting Secretary: Carola Cabral
Historian: Armando Godinez
Superintendent of Grounds: Fabian Ahumada

Classroom Representatives:

6th Grade:
Mrs. DeVincenzo:
Mrs. Vazquez: Hugo Lopez and Martha Martinez

5th/6th Grade:
Ms. Medigovich: Joshua Llamas

5th Grade:
Mrs. Larsen: Erick Alvarez and Sammy Siquieros
Mrs. Kennedy: Valeria Guerrero and Chris Cedano

4th/5th Grade:
Ms. Gonzalez: Andres Ames and Isaias Ortiz

4th Grade:
Mrs. Cahill: Jackelyn Hernandez and Jesse Cockburn
Ms. Chavez: Erick Dominguez and Alfredo Farias
Mrs. Sobhani: Anthony Martinez and Kaylah Pierce-Brewster

4th-6th Grade:
Mrs. Stewart: Aaron  Nunez and Ana Ramos

3rd Grade:
Mrs. Cho: Wesley Rodriguez and Javier Lemus
Mrs. Gerdeman: Sebastian Meza and Marcos Gonzalez
Mrs. Kmet: Laura Barrera and Natalia Silva
Mrs. Lopez: Liliana Garza and Leticia Mora
Mrs. Reyes: Kiara Pena and Sandra Gastelum
Mr. Rosas: Paul Ruiz and Pamela Gilbert

 Peace Patrol

In 2002-03, Olivewood's Peace Patrol was highlighted in The Best Practices for K-8 Education book by the Business Roundtable for Education.

Peace Patrol is a structured conflict resolution program where students are taught to be effective problem solvers to help resolve playground conflicts before adult intervention occurs.  The Olivewood Peace Patrol is comprised of students in grades 4 through 6 who have been recommended by the teachers because they perform well in the classroom academically, show good citizenship, and are positive role models for other students.  In addition, Peace Patrol members must be dependable, responsible, and keep up with all school assignments. 

Peace Patrol is an excellent opportunity for our students to perform service and leadership skills for our school.  Peace Patrol members assist with supervision at morning and lunch recesses and have learned through experience to focus on the positive behavior of others.

Find out more about this honor and learn what we are doing in Peace Patrol by visiting our Peace Patrol page.

Mrs. Kim Peterson, School Psychologist


PeaceBuilders is a community based program launched in schools that shifts the entire school climate to a peaceful, productive and safe place for faculty and students. PeaceBuilders effects risk factors which predict violence, bullying, drugs, tobacco, etc. PeaceBuilders builds and reinforces protective factors. These factors improve academic achievement, positive social skills and helps build character through easily implemented research based proven tools.

Olivewood School is committed to PeaceBuilders
in order to build a safe, positive, peaceful, and rewarding learning environment.

Please visit our Peacebuilders Page
to learn more about what we are doing as PeaceBuilders at our school.

Mrs. Rosa Lopez, School Counselor