Preschool Center

2401 East 24th Street
National City, CA 91950
(619) 336-8670
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Charmaine Lawson ()
Admin. Assistant:
Carmen Medina Pidgeon ()

Early Intervention

We serve over 550 children from National City in our State-Funded, Quality Preschool Initiative and Head Start preschool programs. Twenty three preschool classes are located at eight district sites. We offer English and bilingual classes.

The National School District Preschool Program provides a comfortable, developmentally appropriate, linguistically correct setting for what is often the child's first experience away from home.

Thematic curriculum is designed to create an enthusiasm for learning and a love of literature. Small and large group activities are used to introduce basic concepts, expand a child's vocabulary, develop pre-reading and pre-writing skills, and strengthen motor and socialization skills. A combination of teacher-led and free-choice activities offer opportunities for a child to experiment, observe, socialize, and participate at his/her level of comfort.

Call the Preschool Office for further information and to address your registration questions at (619) 336-8670.

- Charmaine Lawson, Principal