The M.A.R.E. Program

"Marine Activities, Resources and Education"

The MARE Program is a dynamic, K-6, integrated science program focusing on the ocean. Each year MARE schools conduct whole-school educational events that involve faculty and students as well as parents and the community. Ocean Immersion activities and Ocean Month provide a centerpiece for a year-long ocean study. Students engage in inquiry-based science curriculum that focuses on a different marine habitat at each grade level. In order to implement the program, each school site sent a leadership team to a summer immersion workshop. Teachers participated in field and classroom instruction highlighting the many habitats featured in the MARE Curriculum. Daily instruction included a fascinating array of science content delivered by a talented group of educators, scientists, and researchers. Instruction included experiences with standards-rich, inquiry based science techniques addressing the needs of English learners, and strategies for incorporating technology and literacy into the science program.

Students at Central School study fish specimens in class.

Students study and classify sea shells.

Students on an ocean field trip. They are studying organisms that live on the shore.

Students study microscopic ocean life.

Students at Ira Harbison School create an Oceans program to present to their classmates.