Marine Science Floating Lab

The San Diego County Marine Science Floating Laboratory is designed to provide students an opportunity to investigate a familiar, yet seldom explored environment - San Diego Bay. Specifically designed activities and specially selected oceanographic equipment are used to insure maximum involvement of all students who participate in this unique program. Research data supports the concept that participation in the onboard activities enhance appreciation for, and increases understanding of, the marine environment.

During this four-hour field experience with an experienced instructor, students rotate in groups through a series of stations to investigate the ocean environment. The physical properties of the ocean are studied with equipment such as a secchi disc, a water color scale, a thermometer, and a grab sampler. The biological properties of the ocean are studied with equipment such as a biological dredge, and otter trawl.

Students participate by hauling a rope line on board the boat.

The boat pulls in beside a commerical bait barge to study the bay environment.

Students study close up plants and animals from the bay.

Live tanks and aquariums on board the floating lab provide a unique opportunity to study marine life.

Students use scientific instruments to study marine life in the ocean water.